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Demos for Plesk


New Windows Dedicated plans will include the most desirable version of Plesk 12.5. Older dedicated servers may have Plesk 9 or 10. Windows Shared plans are hosted on Plesk 11.5 servers.

Plesk 12 offers a turn-key solution for users looking to resell hosting. Billing is integrated into the administrator section of the panel where you can set packages and pricing. When your customers log into their panel the first screen will show them if they have any outstanding invoices due and allows them to pay.

Parallels Plesk Panel 12.5 Demo

Parallels offers a demo of the admin panel for Plesk 12.5:

Demo Parallels Plesk Panel as an Administrator
Login: admin
Password: panel

Note: This demo opens to "Power User" mode. To see the account management interface as well, click on Change View in the bottom left and select "Switch to Service Provider view.

Documentation for Plesk is available and can be found here:

Note: At this time, there are no demos available for versions of Plesk prior to 12.5.


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