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Dedicated and VPS Kernel Upgrades

For cPanel notifications such as the following example, stating that the server's kernel is out of date, please refer to the information below associated with your package type.

Example Notification
The current kernel version is out of date. running kernel: 2.6.32-642.13.1, most recent kernel: 2.6.32-642.13.2
Update the system’s software by running ’yum update’ from the command line and reboot the system.


Our dedicated servers have KernelCare installed, which provides live patches for Linux kernel on the server to address known security issues, but cPanel does not detect it.
While KernelCare protects our dedicated server customers, it does not require server reboot as it is a "rebootless" Linux patching. The newest kernel gets installed automatically as the primary kernel as soon as CentOS release it.

If there are any issues while updating the kernel, please contact us via phone or chat for assistance.


As of April 13, 2021, We upgraded our VPS platform to a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). It is a more modern, open-source virtualization technology built into Linux. Our legacy platform, Virtuozzo (VZ), was outdated. Moving to KVM for all new VPS packages will provide more control, updated tooling, and the ability to use more current operating systems in the future. All packages from this date will be provisioned on the KVM platform.

New VPS Account

New VPS customers will get the new platform which is the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). KernelCare protects this platform.

Legacy VPS

Our legacy platform, Virtuozzo (VZ), was outdated. Our legacy VPS customers (VPS accounts purchased before April 13, 2021) should not be receiving these notifications. If you are concerned about the kernel version, please know that KernelCare also protects our hardware nodes. HostGator.

Rebooting a VPS will not update the kernel version. Please contact our support team via phone or chat if you have concerns with the kernel version running on your VPS.