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Custom Installations

Can I Install the Programs Myself?

Yes, as long as you can upload the install files to your site and install them on your side. You will need a Dedicated Server if the program must be installed on the server.

Most scripts are designed to work on Shared hosting and do not require a Dedicated server. Check the script's specifications for details. Additionally, most third-party scripts you find on the internet include some sort of installation instructions that you can follow to install it yourself.

Most of our packages include Softaculous Apps Installer, which can be accessed in your cPanel and can install a variety of applications/software with a few clicks. In addition, if you have the Plesk control panel, you can install popular applications within Plesk.

Can You Install a Program for Me?

We still do some of the installs that are normally pre-installed or offered. (ModernBill, standard phpBB installations, Gallery, and so forth.)

How Much is it to Install a Custom Script?

We do not support every install; however, you can contact us via phone or Live Chat, and we will provide a quote if it's something we can do.

Can You Install a Custom Script or Mod Written By Me?

Unfortunately, we do not install custom scripts or mods written by our customers for a variety of reasons. First, we would be totally unfamiliar with what you are asking us to install; and secondly, this task is best handled by you and/or your programmers who are more familiar with the script.