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Creating Store Discount Codes

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Discount codes are often the main reason a potential customer commits to making a purchase. A large number of online shoppers today include searching for a discount into the process of online purchasing, so it only makes sense to make it easy for your customers to find and use discount codes with your Gator store.

In this Article, we will cover how to go about creating and using discount codes from within your %%CorporateShort%% store. To learn more about how to add products, check out: Managing Products

Activating Discount Code:

Once you log into your %%CorporateShort%% store by selecting the Manage Store and Products option, you will land on your store homepage.
  1. Scroll down the left-hand menu and select Advanced Features and then Discounts.

  2. Flip the slider to Active, and you will see the Discounts option appear in the left-hand menu

    User-added image

  3. Select the new Discounts option from the left-hand menu to navigate to the Discounts section.

    (You will see the Create New Discount Code screen if this is your first code.)

    User-added image

  4. Select the Create New Discount Code button to begin filling out the details of your discount. 

    User-added image

  5. Once you are finished adding the details of your discount, hit the SAVE AND PUBLISH CHANGES at the top of the page and you will land on the Discounts main page.

    User-added image

That's it! Customers can now use your code at checkout to receive a special deal! You can manage all your different codes from the Discounts main screen within the left-hand menu.
Pro Tip: Customers who walk through the Store Checkout will be able to utilize multiple discounts such as a Free Shipping offer combined with a  Total Amount Discount.  Similar discount codes cannot be stacked or combined. (Ex: If you have given a customer a $1 off code and a $2 off code, only one will reflect in the total. However, you could offer customers a % or $  discount combined with a Free shipping discount, and they both should reflect at checkout.