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Creating Lists for your Contacts


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To grow your business and identify key groups of customers that have subscribed to your email newsletters, you are able to create groups or lists of recipients for your email campaigns to be sent to. This will help you refine the information you send to target those groups better, or even provide different marketing and promotions to different users. We will walk you through how to create these lists in your account from within your Contacts tabs.

  1. Click on Edit from the three dots menu for any of your existing contacts or click Add Contact in the upper right.
    Three dots menu
  2. You will see an area called lists at the bottom of the screen under the Address section. Click on Manage List and you will be redirected to the List tab.
    Add your first list
  3. Click Create List on the Custom List tab.
    Add your first list
  4. Select Custom to create a custom list of contact that you can manage. Enter what you would like to title your list within the List Name field and check the box beside Immediately assign contacts to this list.
    Manage List
  5. When you’re satisfied with the list, click the Create List button in the bottom right of the window to save the lists to your account.
    click the Done button
  6. The lists will now display as a checklist for all of your contacts. You can now choose what list to use for your new and existing contacts.
    The lists will now display as a checklist for all of your contacts
  7. Click Add to save the changes.