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Copy An Element

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This content only applies to those using GATOR Builder by HostGator.

Copying an Element is very common when you first start building out sections or adding content to your site. Sometimes you like the look of an item so much; you want to replicate that on your page or other pages. Other times, you may need to copy your call to action from the header so that you can easily add it to your footer or maybe you want it to show on all pages instead of manually copying?

In this article, we will cover the steps for Copying an Element using the toolbar, How to Make Element Appear on All Pages, and Using Short-keys.

Copy an Element on a Page:

After adding an element to a page, such as a call to action button (or even an image,), you can copy that element and use it elsewhere on the page by following these steps:

  1. Click directly on the Element you wish to reproduce to select it, and you will see its settings toolbar appear above or below the element. When you select any object eight small squares appear around the item to indicate which item is actively selected. (These squares are called the Image Handles, and will allow you to resize the element.)
    User-added image
  2. From the Element Toolbar, click the icon that looks like overlapping squares to duplicate.
    User-added image
  3. Once the button is clicked, you will see the element duplicate itself.
    User-added image
  4. To edit either element, click on the one that needs to be changed and you can drag it from there. 

Copy an Element to All Pages:

When working with elements, you may come across one that you would like to have on all pages. It may seem easy enough to copy it onto all pages, but your Gator website builder has an advanced setting only for this. Do so means you won't have to change each item individually, instead, change one and you will affect them all.

To show an element, like the green button, on all pages, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Element to show its toolbar.
    User-added image 
  2. From the Element Toolbar, select More to show more settings.
    User-added image
  3. Next, select Advanced to access the Pop-up Settings Menu for that element.
    User-added image
  4. Select the Size and Position option from the list and scroll down to the Element Appearance section.
    User-added image
    User-added image
  5. Within the Element Appearance section, you will see a switch button for Show On All Pages. Enable the switch, and your element will now be in the same spot on all pages.
    User-added image
Pro Tip: This only works for Elements that are in a Section and NOT in the Header and Footer as they already display on all pages.

Copy an Element Using Short-Keys:

Using short-keys is essential for quickly moving around online as well as on a computer. Luckily for most users and computers, the short-key commands are easy to learn, universal in use, and make editing much more straightforward.

To get started, first be familiar with the CTRL (Control) button on your keyboard. (For Macs, this will be the Command button.) Holding this button tells your computer you want to execute an entry that differs from your available keyboards buttons. When you press Control and hit a keyboard button, it will perform a variety of different tasks as follows:

Copy & Paste Short keys:

First, select some text in a document or an element in your web designer and perform the following:

  • Copy – Hold CTRL on the left or right side of your keyboard (most comfortable with your left pinky) and press C.
  • Paste – Hold the same CTRL button and press V. This will paste your copied selection.
  • Undo – Hold the CTRL button and press the Z. This will undo moves sequentially until satisfied.
  • Cut/Delete – Hold on CTRL, then hit X. This will delete the selection.
Pro Tip: As with most things, practice makes perfect! Takes some time to test these out and research all your available short-key options online.