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Common Roundcube Email Issues


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Occasionally when using a mail client such as Roundcube, you may encounter specific issues sending and receiving emails.
This article has assembled the most common issues and how to resolve them. If something seems missing, outdated, or confusing, feel free to contact our support team via phone or chat for assistance.

Pro Tip: Since Roundcube is a third-party email client, our support team is limited to supporting send/receive issues, settings input, and basic usage. For advanced problems resulting from the tool or its use on your computer, we recommend reaching out to Roundcube or a computer technician versed in email client setup.

Below are some common issues you may encounter:

I'm getting a SPAM error (bounceback) that shows: 

  • An image marked as SPAM is present in the signature:
  • Signature font file marked as SPAM by SPAM software:

When you encounter these errors above, we recommend removing the signature or image file from the email and attempting to send the message again.

Some other things to help avoid getting marked as SPAM:

  • BODY: has a low ratio of text to the image area.
  • Typing Subject or Body in all capitals.
  • BODY: HTML: images with 1600 or more bytes of data.
  • BODY: Certain words are known to be associated with SPAM emails.
Here is an incomplete list of "Spammy words or phrases" that can contain one or any combination of words that might trigger one of today's sophisticated spam filters: 

$$$ (Multiple Characters or spaces)

Earn $ per week


F R E E, FREE or FR33

Additional Income



Home-based business

Be your boss

Loans, Loan, ("Approved")


Make Money Online

Big Bucks




Compete for your business

Profit ("Make, earn, extra")


Spam, SPAM,


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Test, Testing, T E S T


Website ("Design, Manage, Developer")


While you sleep

Debt ("Reduce, Credit, Lower")



Important Roundcube Email Limits:

  • Max Available Mailbox Space per account: 5 GB
  • The maximum size of mail (including attachments): 30 MB (MIME Encoded)
  • Maximum # of emails that can be sent: 100 per account per hour / 300 per domain per hour
  • Maximum No. of recipients in a single mail: 50 (including to, cc and bcc)
  • No. of emails that can be received: 300 messages/per hour/per user