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Common Domain Extensions

You may wonder what domain extension is best for your web presence, but what is domain extension, and why is it important?

What is a domain extension?

The domain extension, also referred to as a top-level domain (TLD), is the word after the dot on a domain name in a web address. The TLDs are managed by the Domain Name System of the internet. Please note that the TLD is completely different from a subdomain though they are similar to being separated by a dot from the main domain. For example, in the domain hgexample.com. The ".com" is the domain extension while "hgexample" is the main domain. In blog.hgexample.info, the "blog" is the subdomain, while "info" is the domain extension or TLD. 

With a domain and domain extension (or TLD), you'll get a working domain name that your audience can type into their browsers so they can visit your website.

Why is a domain extension (or TLD) important?

The domain extension helps with your branding, most especially if the chosen extension aligns with the nature of your business and reflects what your brand stands for. There are a wide variety of extensions to choose from, depending on your business style or organization.

Types of Top-Level Domain extensions

The top-level domain that you choose will say a lot about your business. By far, the most common top-level domain is ".com," but you’re free to choose the extension that’s most aligned with your website. Here are some of the common domain extensions (TLDs) available in the market.

General List of Top-Level Domains

  • .com - used for a variety of purposes but is mostly used for online businesses because it is most familiar to the general public.
  • .edu - used for educational institutions.
  • .net - used for networking company or personal projects
  • .org - used for non-profit organizations
  • .co - used for companies or commercial content sites
  • .biz - used for business purposes
  • .gov - used for government purposes

There are also more region-specific domains, called Country-Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD), such as:

  • .co.uk - United Kingdom
  • .au - Australia
  • .de - Denmark
  • .fr - France

Creative Top-Level Domains

  • .tv - used for online television shows and other video-related projects
  • .me - used for personal branding-related projects
  • .expert - used to convey your authority in a specific niche
  • .guru - same use as the .expert domain
  • .io - commonly used for technology-related companies
  • .name - used for sites catered around an individual

Restricted Top-Level Domains

  • .post - used for the post office
  • .gov - used for different government sectors and resources
  • .mil - used for military-related websites
  • .museum -used by museums and related industries
  • .aero - used by the aerospace industry

Now that you are familiar with common domain extensions, you may also want to know how to choose the perfect domain name for your business or blog. For more information about this topic, please visit the following articles.

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