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Cloudflare CDN Overview

Cloudflare improves the speed and responsiveness of websites globally by caching frequently requested files and web pages to optimize page load time and reduce latency. The Cloudflare CDN feature is FREE for HostGator Shared Business customers.

Pros and Cons of Cloudflare CDN


  • Improved Site Performance: Cloudflare CDN improves text, image, and video content speed, which reduces load time. Quicker load time means a better experience for your users.
  • Global Content Delivery: Cloudflare CDN consists of over 150 edge locations strategically positioned across the globe. These locations cache frequently requested files and web pages to serve up optimized web content to visitors from the location closest to them.
  • Reduced Latency: With locations around the globe, Cloudflare CDN helps reduce the time a request takes to reach the server and return a web page. Your content is served up fresh, anytime, anywhere.
  • Spam Reduction: Cloudflare CDN leverages data from third-party resources to reduce the number of spam comments on your site.
  • Lower CPU Usage: With Cloudflare CDN, fewer requests will hit our servers which means reduced CPU usage attributed to your account.
  • Always Available: Cloudflare has an offline browsing mode where visitors should still be able to access your site in the event that our server is unavailable.


  • Currently, you cannot customize cache settings (i.e., which content gets cached, the cache timing, etc.) for the CDN.
  • Cloudflare caches the static content from your site, so while this will reduce the load on the server, it means if you make a change to an existing static file (like an image), then there may be a delay before the change appears.

Do I Need To Change My Name Servers To Use Cloudflare?

If you purchased and registered your domain with HostGator, you can automatically enable Cloudflare. However, if you purchased a domain with another provider, you will need to ensure that your domain is using HostGator name servers. For more information on how to check and change name servers, you can reference our guide here.

How To Enable/Disable the Cloudflare CDN

To manage Cloudflare CDN:

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal.

    Customer Portal - Login Page

  2. From the dashboard, locate your hosting package.
  3. Click on the Cloudflare CDN link under Manage.
    Customer Portal - Cloudflare CDN
  4. On the Cloudflare CDN page, you will see the CDN Status.

    Cloudflare CDN - Active Status

    CloudFlare CDN - Inactive Status

    Cloudflare CDN - Pending Status

  5. Under the CDN column, click Turn Off CDN to disable or Turn On CDN to enable Cloudflare CDN.
  6. A pop-up window will appear requesting confirmation.

    Turn On CDN:
    Cloudflare CDN - Turn On

    Turn Off CDN:
    Cloudflare CDN - Turn Off

  7. Select preferred action.