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Client Access License (CAL) for Windows Dedicated Servers

A Client Access License (CAL) permits client computers to legally connect to Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). CALs apply to either a "user" or "device" (as defined in the license agreement) A business is free to choose either mode.

In Per-User Mode

A CAL is purchased to allow one user to connect to the server software. Any user can connect, but only one user may use a given CAL at any given time.

Any number of CALs can be purchased to allow any number of users to simultaneously connect to the server. Any number of devices may connect to the server software, but only a set number of users can connect to it at once.

In Per-Device Mode

One CAL enables one device to connect to and use the server software, regardless of how many users are connecting. It limits connections made by devices rather than users.

Although User and Device CALs are currently the same price, they may not be used interchangeably, and cannot be switched without buying a new CAL.

Pricing Information

  • Client Access License (CAL) - $25 per month for a pack of 5
    • You may purchase as many as are required.
  • The Windows Operating System (OS) - Comes with two CALs by default.
    • When the first 5 are purchased, the default 2 are removed so the total of 5 remains.
  • Self Provided - $37.50 one-time installation fee per CAL when client has provided a User CAL
To purchase CALs or to have us install your previously purchased CALs, please contact support for further assistance.

For further information regarding Client Access Licenses, please read the following article from Microsoft: