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Check Up Reports - SEO Gears


Available for SEO Gears Advanced & Professional.

The "Check Up Report" focuses on 4 major areas of SEO: Keyword Rankings, Links, Content, and Authority. The report can help you gauge where you are in SEO and identify areas that need improvement.

To Run a Check Up Report

  1. Log into your your SEO Gears account
  2. Go to the Reports section using the top navigation bar
  3. Click the Run Check Up Report button
  4. In the form that appears, enter the URL of the page you would like to have analyzed.
  5. Enter the keyword you would like to focus the report on.
  6. Click the Run Report button.

Understanding the Check Up Reports

You will now have a report processing on your reports list (click Reports from the top navigation to get to this list). Once the report is completed, it will no longer say processing; click on the underlined "Check Up Report" of any completed report you would like to view.

When reviewing the report you will have an overall score out of 100. This report will help you to identify areas of weakness and even generate an attack plan for how to go about getting better SEO results.

Reports can take up to 48 hours to process due to the data gathering process, although most reports are completed within 6 hours.