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Changing MX records - Windows

You have access to change your mail exchange (MX) records in your DNS. Changing this record alters the server your email is directed to. When you change MX records, mail may take up to 8 hours to start forwarding to the new setting. The article will assist with editing MX records on Windows servers:

When you change the mail setting, users may need to change where they check the mail. Please check with the administrator of the new mail server for the correct mail settings.

Sender policies (SPF records) may need to be changed to include the new mail server. If this is not updated, a receiving mail exchange may not recognize the new mail server as valid for sending your domain's mail. Please check the following article for assistance with creating or modifying SPF records:

If you would like us to update your MX record, contact us via phone or chat.

Please include the following information:
  • Username
  • Password
  • New mail server FQDN and/or IP address
  • Primary domain name
  • The domain name of the MX record you would like to change (if different from a primary domain name)