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Change cPanel/RVSkin Language

The language for your cPanel is set to English by default. However, there is a wide selection of other languages available if you prefer to use an alternative. This article will assist you with choosing a language for cPanel that you are comfortable with.

Change cPanel Languages

You may change the language in cPanel by doing the following:

If your cPanel is set to a language you cannot read, you may change the language to one you prefer by following these steps:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Go to Preferences.
  3. Select you preferred language from the drop down box then click Change.
    1. Go to HOME.
      Note: This can always be done by clicking the icon of the house in the top left corner.
    2. In the URL in the address bar, replace index.php with setlang/index.html. For example:

      Should be changed to:

      Change cPanel Languages when Using RVSkin

      RVSkin is available on VPS and Dedicated servers. If you are using an RVSkin theme on your cPanel here is how you would change your language:

      • Select your preferred language from the dropdown menu and then click the button to the right.
        1. Log into cPanel.
        2. Click the language dropdown box in the top right corner.

      The language for the cPanel will immediately change. As this is accessible from the home page it can be changed even if the language is already set to one you are unable to read.

      Change Available Languages for RVSkin (VPS/Dedicated)

      RVSkin will allow you to select which languages are available to your users to select from. Here is how:

      • Select the language you wish to use.
        1. Log into WHM.
        2. From the left navigation menu go to Plugins > RVGlobalSoft Manager.
      • Under Installed Software click Manager under the RVSkin icon.
      • On the center of the screen under Language, click Selectable Languages.
      • Place a check next to each language you wish to offer to cPanel accounts and click Submit.
      • The confirmation screen will display the following message: Your setting was saved.