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CentOS 7 Upgrades


  • On November 30, 2020, CentOS 6 will reach its end of life. We will then move to CentOS 7 as our primary Operating System. Please note that CentOS 7 will not reach maintenance until its end of life in March 2024.
  • Customers on VPS and Dedicated servers using the cPanel version 86 and are running the CentOS 6 operating system will not have the option to upgrade to CentOS 7 but will have the option to reimage or purchase a new server with CentOS 7 installed.
  • We will continue to assist customers after March 31. Still, HostGator cannot ensure or support the compatibility and security of deprecated software, and all customers are encouraged to make the transition.

VPS and Dedicated customers that are currently running CentOS 6 will receive the following notice in their WHM:

On November 30, 2020, CentOS will stop supporting CentOS 6 on all systems, including your server. At the time, CentOS will no longer provide bug, security, or feature updates. We encourage you to migrate to a server using CentOS 7 before November 30, 2020. Information about the cPanel deprecation plan is available in our documentation.

How to Qualify for the Upgrade?

A migration to a CentOS 7 server is required to qualify for the upgrade past cPanel version 86. VPS and Dedicated servers do not have the option to upgrade from one major CentOS version to the next version due to the installation of cPanel.

Alternatively, we can perform an OS reload. This process also requires a fee to be quoted by our Advanced Support staff, scheduling the reload process within our permitted time blocks (8 AM to 8 PM US-CST), and minimum downtime of 4 to 8 hours. Please note that a reload is final, and there is no reversing the process after the reload is performed. If this is an acceptable option, please see the following support article: OS Reloads.

What is the Upgrade Process?

HostGator recommends upgrading your OS by migrating your data to a new server that has up to date software. To upgrade to a new server with a current operating system:

  1. Purchase a new VPS or Dedicated server which matches the package level of your existing server.
  2. Once the server is provisioned, fill out the transfer form for assistance with migration: HostGator Transfer Form.
Note: Since the upgrade requires a new server purchase, we need to keep the old server active during the process migration; no content will be deleted. It is a simple migration from one server to the other, and they will then cancel the old server once it is complete.