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Can I make money parking my domains on hostgator.com?


Are you wondering if you can purchase a domain name and point it to hostgator.com to generate money? Have you ever considered that instead of paying for hosting, you could make money? If yes, you can use your domain to generate revenue on the Affiliate URL link and/or by white labeling our products as a reseller.


What is the Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

Joining the Affiliate Program with HostGator.com is a way to earn money while referring customers to HostGator from your website, social media, blog, etc. Go to What Is An Affiliate Program? or Affiliates FAQ to know more and our Affiliates page to sign-up!


What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting lets you start your own web hosting company by white labeling our products. It's a great way to earn money on the side by becoming your own web hosting company or by simply adding more value for customers you already have.

Here are some helpful guides you can use to dive into the details.


Let's Get Started!

Via Web Hosting Affiliate Program

  1. Sign up to become an affiliate. It's easy and totally free!
  2. Generate a tracking link. You will need to log in to your affiliate account. There may be a tab for links/banners/ads, or there may be a generic link on your dashboard page.
  3. Share your link. Use your custom coupon code, affiliate link, and banners to refer clients to our site. Click here to create a URL redirect.
  4. Payday. When a purchase is made from your link or code, you'll earn a commission!

If you have any questions, please contact us at affiliates@hostgator.com.

Via Reseller Hosting

  1. Sign up to become a reseller
  2. Set up. Take a look at the Reseller Startup Guide. You can also learn how to get more from your reseller hosting account here.
  3. Share your link. We provide the products, and you take the credit.
We'll never leave ya hangin'. Please contact us via phone or Live Chat so we can assist you.