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Can I Get a Transcript of My Support Chat?


It can be very helpful to be able to review the information provided to you by Support after you have contacted us for assistance. One of the benefits of using Chat for support is the ability to keep a full transcript of your interaction that allows you to even search for specific information you need or print out details.

If you are still in a chat with us, please let us know that you would like a transcript so that one can be sent to you.

If you are no longer in the chat with us, we may still be able to provide you with your transcript. Please contact us via phone or chat and provide us with any of the following information if it is available to you:

  • The ID of the chat.
  • The name that the agent in chat provided.
  • The exact name you used in the chat.
  • Verification information for any of the billing accounts you were verified for in the chat.
  • The date and time during which the chat took place.
  • An estimated length of the chat.
  • The IP address the chat was initiated from.
  • The rating you gave if you rated the chat.
  • The domain name you provided when initiating the chat.

We will do our best to locate the chat and provide the information you need if it is possible.

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