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Can an existing customer sign up as a new customer?

Once you are on file as an existing client, there is no method to sign up as a new client in order to use a new coupon. Coupons are designed as promotional items for new hosting accounts only.

This policy is necessary in order to avoid coupon abuse and to ensure that we can continue to provide low hosting prices. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; however, we do provide an option for those who are interested in seeking discount pricing.

Discounts for Renewing on Shared Plans

If you currently have a Shared hosting package and wish to obtain a discount on your service, we provide several excellent pricing plans for those who are able to pay in advance. In fact, on certain Shared packages, savings of more than 40% can be attained simply by paying in advance.

More details on these pricing plans can be found in our Hosting Price Chart (as an existing client, you will reference the Regular Price column specifically).

20% Discount on New Hosting Packages for Existing Customers

Existing customers can order additional hosting packages and get 20% off the first invoice (the same offer as the SPRING coupon) for the new hosting package. The discount cannot be applied to your existing hosting account.

You can redeem this discount by ordering additional packages from your Client Area at or by using the SPRING coupon on our regular order forms. If you order through the Client Area, the 20% discount on your first invoice is automatically applied.

Note: Your existing hosting package(s) cannot be canceled during the discount period of your new account, or you will be billed retroactively for the discounted amount (i.e. the coupon's discount will be reversed and you will be charged full price).

For example, if you order a new account and get 20% off the first month, you cannot cancel your existing account until one month later, otherwise we will reverse the discount. This is to prevent people from continuously starting and cancelling accounts just so they can pay 20% less.

Other Coupons

Affiliate coupons and other coupons cannot be used by existing customers. Only the 20% off SPRING coupon and certain promotional coupons can be applied. Promotional coupons other than SPRING are not announced to the public in advance and are typically available for a limited time frame.

Please contact us via phone or chat if you have any questions or require assistance.