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Call to undefined function domxml_open_mem()

*Fatal error*: Call to undefined function domxml_open_mem()

I apologize, but DomXML is not compatible and therefore not available with PHP 5.

Here is an excerpt from

This extension allows you to operate on an XML document with the DOM API.

It has been superseded by the DOM extension that ships with PHP 5.

Although it should be possible to use this old domxml extension with PHP 5, its use is highly discouraged, as there a very high potential for conflicts with the new dom extension.

If you are migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5, the recommended best-practice is to port your domxml code to the much better dom code.

If you really must build domxml, you will need to obtain the sources from CVS and build them yourself.

See for instructions.

NOTE: if you're running PHP 4.x, the domxml is already part of the distribution.

As stated above, PHP 5 does not have DomXML; it has been replaced by the DOM extension, which you can find information about at the following URLs:

The official PHP website recommends modifying your script/code to use the new DOM extension, if you wish to use PHP5 in conjunction with your script. If you are unable to do this, you may need to contact the developer of your software for modification.