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Calculate Taxes In Your Store

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Using your Gator account makes it easy to collect taxes in your eCommerce store without you having to deal with any advanced calculations. Once you turn on "taxes" in your store, and the internal tool will begin calculating each time your customer purchases one of your products based on the preset state taxes from where they're buying, automatically. 

In this article, we will cover How to Enable Tax Calculation from your store so that you can begin accounting for this universal aspect of doing commerce.

Enabling Tax Calculation:

To switch tax calculations "on" or "Enable Tax Charges " in your store, follow these steps:

  1. First, navigate to your store from your main account dashboard.

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  2. Next, look for and select the Settings option in the left-hand column of your store's control panel.

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  3. Then, click the Taxes tab and toggle the Activation switch to Enable Charge taxes.

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  4. This toggle will reveal some detailed information about charging Tax. Read through this area carefully, as it is up to the store owner to ensure this information is sufficient. 
Pro Tip: If you are unsure what rates to charge here, please consult your tax professional and, when possible, use our automatic tax settings to make eCommerce easier.

For Example: Using automatic tax settings means customers in Massachusetts will automatically see a tax rate of 6.25%, while customers from New Hampshire will not see taxes applied to their cart.

These tax calculations happen automatically; there is no additional setup required.
Once you turn on taxes and tax rates, everything will be taken care of for you. 

Once you turn on tax calculations, customers will see taxes applied to their cart automatically at checkout, if applicable:

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The tax calculation uses the billing address provided by the customer, so for you, it is worry-free, where ever your customers are located they will be charged at the correct tax rate, and you will both be able to see these charges reflect on each of your statements.