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Buy a Domain


This content only applies to Gator Website Builder hosting plans which are accessible by going to app.gator.com.

For more articles, check out the HostGator Gator Website Builder category
or directly access the Gator Knowledge Base.

After you have already created your Gator account, you may decide you would like to build a new website. Doing so involves purchasing a new domain name or linking a domain you already own to your account with us.

This article will teach us how to purchase a new domain should you require it. If you need help Linking a domain you own, check out: How To Link A Domain.

To purchase a new domain:

  1. Log in to your Gator account and select Domains from the left-hand menu to buy a domain.
  2. Under Domain Search Field, type in the domain name you would like to purchase.
    domain search
  3. A list will populate with all your available domain options matching the criteria you entered—select + circle icon to place that domain name into your cart.
    select the circle icon to place that domain name into your cart
  4. A pop-up will appear asking you to proceed to checkout or add more domains (you can add up to 3 domain names to your cart at a time).
  5. Select the Continue to Checkout button once you are ready to proceed.
    Continue to checkout
  6. Now it's time to ensure that your domain details are correct. Remember, the owner of a domain must maintain accurate Registration Details because failure to do so can result in loss of domain registration. If you need to update these, you can check out the Change Domain Details article at any time.
  7. If your domain Registration Details look good, hit Save and Continue.
    hit Save and Continue
  8. If you want to choose multiple years to pay for, click the drop-down next to the year.
    If you would like to choose multiple years to pay for, click the drop-down next to the year
  9. Choose from 1-3 years.
    Choose from 1-3 years
  10. Review your order summary, ensure all the details are correct, and then hit Place your order to complete the domain purchase.
    Review your order summary
  11. That's it! Once you Confirm the purchase, you can select Proceed to Dashboard, where you will land back inside your main account dashboard within the domains section. Proceed to Dashboard