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Brute Force Attempt

A brute force attack is detected when someone repeatedly attempts (and fails) to log into a service on a server. The login page can block the connecting IP for 15 minutes and stop users from logging in for 5 minutes. It is possible to be blocked for up to 30 minutes, depending on the type of attack.

The only solution is to wait for that time to expire and then retry your login. If your login does not work after waiting 30 minutes, please contact HostGator so we can investigate the issue.

Reseller, VPS,  and Dedicated Servers:  cPhulkd is the protection service that is designated for accounts that has WHM accessible to customers. This service blocks based on failed logins at the following locations: MailFTP, cPanel/WHM, and SSH.  When an IP address has attempted over 65 unsuccessful log in attempts within a period of one hour on any of HostGator's servers, that IP address will be blocked for a minimum of 24 hours. 

For more information on the cPhulkd brute force protection services and how it would apply to issues you may come across, please reference the following: