If you're on a hosting plan with WHM (Reseller or Dedicated hosting), you can apply your own "brand" in your cPanels. This feature in WHM allows you to customize some parts of the cPanel and webmail. This is especially useful for Reseller customers who want to create their own "unique vibe" in their clients' cPanels.

This article discusses how to customize your cPanel by displaying your own logo, icon, and style.

To brand your cPanel:

  1. Log in to WHM.
  2. Search for Customization using the search bar at the upper left.

    WHM - Customization

  3. In the Customization section, under the Customize Branding tab, specify your company name, help link, and documentation link (if you have one available).

    Customization - Customize Branding

  4. Upload your company logo, webmail logo, and favicon.
  5. Select the Customize Style tab. In this section, you can customize the theme and style of your cPanels.

    Customization - Customize style

    You may use the Upload a Style button to upload your custom style, which usually comes in a .tar.gz file and must contain one or both styles.css file and styles.min.css file.

  6. Under the Public Contact tab, specify your company's public contact page URL. 

    Customization - Public Contact tab

  7. Once done, click Save.

If you wish to further customize your clients' cPanels, you may visit cPanel's documentation: