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How to Configure Branding in WHM

If you're on a hosting plan with WHM (Reseller, VPS, or Dedicated hosting), you can apply your own "brand" in your cPanels. This feature in WHM allows you to customize some parts of the cPanel and webmail. This is especially useful for Reseller customers who want to create their own "unique vibe" in their clients' cPanels.

This article will show you how to configure the brand of cPanel accounts within the Customization section of your WHM.

To access the Customization section within WHM:

  1. Log in to WHM
  2. Search for the Customization section using the search bar in either the left navigation menu or at the top-right corner.

    WHM - Search boxes

  3. Select Customization from the list of options.

    WHM search for customization

  4. On the Customization page, you can make the changes listed below. Please click on the links to jump into a topic.

How to configure the WHM theme

By default, WHM's theme is set to Jupiter. Theme customization is no longer available in WHM version 102. However, you can still make changes to how the cPanels will look using its current theme, as shown below.

customizing cPanel theme

Note: With the cPanel and WHM version 102 update, the paper lantern theme has been deprecated.

How to customize the logo

  1. Use the Browse button to upload your company logo.

    Browse logo

    You can upload two different logos to be used in light and dark background colors. If you upload only one logo, the system will use it for both dark and light backgrounds.
  2. Make sure to add a Description for the logo. It is used as a label for the image tag and provides additional information to your users who are using assistive technologies.

    logo description box

  3. Click on Update Logos to save the changes.
Limitations and recommendations for logos
  • You can only use the .svg file format.
  • We recommend a width and height of 200px by 100px.
  • We recommend specifying the width and height in the SVG file for the logos to render properly.

How to select the color for the WHM main menu

  1. In WHM's Customization section, click the Colors tab.

    Colors tab

  2. Choose your preferred background color for the main menu.

    select main menu color background

  3. Click Update Colors to save the changes.

How to set up favicon

  1. In WHM's Customization section, select the Favicon tab.

    favicon tab

  2. Click on Browse to upload the image. The favicon should be an .ico file with dimensions of 32px by 32px
  3. Click on Update Favicon to save the changes.

How to add documentation and help link

  1. In WHM's Customization section, select the Links tab.

    links tab

  2. Specify the documentation and help link you wish to add to the cPanel footer.

    specify document and help link

  3. Click Update Links to save the changes.

How to set up public contact information

  1. In WHM's Customization section, select the Public Contact tab.

    public contacts tab

  2. Specify your Public Company name and Public Contact page URL.

    setup public company name and URL

  3. Once done, click Save.

If you wish to customize your clients' cPanels further, you may visit cPanel's documentation: