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Branded Reseller Tutorials System


OH SNAP! This article has been deprecated.

Using the Brandable Reseller Tutorials System

Please do not create a new subdomain in cPanel. This will be automatically set up in the WHM Client Tutorials.
UPDATE! We can now install this on a VPS or dedicated user's server. Please contact us via phone or chat to request this particular feature.

The new Reseller Brandable Tutorials are easy to install and configure from a Reseller's WHM. In WHM, under the Plugins section, you will find a new addon called Client Tutorials. Resellers will use this plugin to install and configure their branded tutorials.

To install the tutorials:

  1. Enter a subdomain on the primary domain of the reseller account in the space provided.
  2. Select a theme for the installation. There are currently seven different themes to choose from. Moving the mouse over the thumbnail for a theme will display a larger preview image for that theme.
  3. Click the radio button below the thumbnail to make your selection.
  4. Click the Install button to perform the installation. If you are using a third-party DNS to handle the DNS for your primary domain, you will need to add a CNAME record for the subdomain to point it to in the zone for the domain before you can see your installation.

Once installed, you can access the installation by clicking the link to the subdomain displayed in the interface or typing the address directly in a browser window. The option to brand your installation by uploading your logo will also be available. The system supports png, jpg, and gif graphics file formats. The logo will be displayed on the Home and View All Tutorials pages and at the beginning and end of every video tutorial. It will be automatically resized to fit where it's displayed if necessary. If you choose not to upload a custom logo, your installation will display a default generic graphic in place of the logo. Although png and gif files can be animated, the animation will not be visible at the beginning and end of the videos. Instead, the video will display only the first frame of the animated sequence. The full animation will be visible on the Home and View All Tutorials pages, provided that the user's browser supports the format. To change the logo, simply upload a new graphic to replace the existing one.

You can also change the theme by:

  1. Select a new theme, and click the Change Theme button. If you wish to change the subdomain used for the installation or remove the logo, simply click the Uninstall button to remove the existing installation and then reinstall it on the subdomain that you choose.
  2. Add a link to the subdomain on your existing support site so that your customers can easily find the tutorials they need. A convenient navigation panel on the lefthand side of the installation allows users to view the list of titles from any particular series in the library. The navigation panel is also collapsible so that users with lower resolutions can make more room for main content once they have found the series or tutorial they need. All videos in the library are available in a Voice version and a Non-Voice version for users with lower bandwidth connections.

On the page for each video, some options allow you further integrate videos from the library with your existing support website. Each video page has an expandable tab that will display the code necessary to embed the video directly on another page. Simply copy this code to a page on your current support page, and that video can be viewed directly on the page. You can also copy the direct URL to the page if you want to add a direct link to the video page to your site. New and updated videos will be automatically added to the library as they are released. No installation will be necessary. Additional themes and features will also automatically be available through the plugin as they are released.