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Bookings - Intake Forms


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Intake forms were created as a way for our users to ask questions to get to know their customers before their appointment. It is a good way for our business owners to prepare for their appointments so that the services go as smoothly as possible.

To create an Intake Form, start by navigating to the Bookings tab on the left-hand menu of the account.

  1. Select a booking you want to create an intake form and click Manage Bookings.
    Bookings - Manage Bookings
  2. Access your booking tool settings from within the Settings tab.
    Bookings - Settings
  3. From your Settings page, look for Intake Forms and click the Manage Intake forms button.
    Bookings - Manage Intake Form
  4. Click Create New Form button in the top right corner.
    Bookings - Create Intake Form
  5. Fill out all required information (it will be notated with an asterisk).
    Bookings - Intake Form Questions
  6. Select Add Question.
    Bookings - Intake Form Questions
  7. Write out questions and choose if it should be a required field for the customer. Selecting the required checkbox will make the question a required field on the Business owners form – meaning the customer must answer the question to submit the intake form.
    Bookings - Intake Form Questions
  8. Select the answer field size. This puts limits on how the customer can answer the question.
    Bookings - Intake Form Questions
    • Small: one line of text
    • Medium: about a paragraph of text
    • Large: 1,000 characters
  9. Save the question. Without saving the question, the user cannot add the following question to the intake form.

  10. Choose which service you would like the intake form to be attached to.
    Bookings - Intake Form Questions
  11. Click Save in the top right corner once done.
    Bookings - Intake Form Save
  12. Congratulations! You have successfully created an Intake form.
    Bookings - Intake Form Added

If you want to Edit, Duplicate and Delete an existing Intake Form, click the options menu.

Bookings - Intake Form Settings

Pro Tip: If you want to know more about other settings for the booking tool and the various options that can be changed, see Booking Tool Settings.