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Booking Tool Settings

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The scheduling tab

You can access your booking tool settings from within the Settings tab from the top navigation, where you can set or change your:
  1. Bookable hours
    These are the hours that you are able to have services and employees to be booked for.
  2. Booking policy 
    This is where you can limit or change the following:
    • Booking Rules:
      • Your clients can book services for how far in advance before the desired day.
      • How long before an appointment can clients still book a session.
      • How close to the start time can your client cancel a session.
    • Time Slots 
      You can customize how the available time slots will appear in this area. They can be set to a specific minute interval or based on the selected service duration. 
    • Currency 
      This is where you will set your shop’s default currency for display.
  3. Automatic email reminders
     In this area, you can create and modify the emails that are automatically sent to clients as well as the sender and reply emails used for client communication. These include:
    • Confirmation emails
    • Cancellation emails
    • Reminder emails
    • Update emails
  4. Team Members
    This is where you can add and edit your team member details and bookable hours.
  5. Payment Method
    This is where you go to set up payment integrations to accept online payments.
  6. Brand Settings
    You go to this area to edit your image and business name
  7. Zoom Settings
    This section allows you to use Zoom with Booking workflows.