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Billing Statement Prefix Update

Starting in December 2022, HostGator and Newfold Digital (formerly Endurance International Group) will be changing the appearance of how our invoices show on your Billing Statements. This update is necessary to ensure a more consolidated image regarding how charges are displayed on your bank statements for a better understanding of our billing processes.

What you may have seen previously:
("EIG") + HostGator URL + HostGator Phone Number

What you will see currently:
("WEB") + HostGator URL + HostGator Phone Number

Who will this affect?

All customers who fall under the NewFold Digital umbrella, including HostGator.

What is happening?

HostGator's goal is to create a better outline of the appearance of your account statements to quickly recognize charges that have originated from Newfold Digital.

Why is this happening?

Newfold Digital, the parent company of HostGator, is responsible for the billing and transaction content. Therefore, your account statements will now show the WEB prefix for easy recognition.

What should I do?

This change will take place on the backend of the billing, so no further action is required on your part, and you may continue to use your account as usual. Once your next billing action occurs, the updated prefix will show on your statements.

If you have any questions about the billing statement change, please contact us via phone or chat.
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