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Billing Portal - Profile

The Profile page is where you can update all of your personal information, including your billing address, primary email address, and phone numbers.

Change Billing Contact Information

To change your billing contact information:

  1. Log into your Client Area at https://portal.hostgator.com/
    • If you cannot remember your password, click on the Forgot Password link below the login area, then follow the instructions emailed to the primary email address on file.
  2. Select Profile in the Your Account drop-down.

  3. Enter your information accordingly.

  4. When finished, click Update Information.
Change Primary Email Address

You are not able to change the primary email from the Profile page directly. You must select the change button located next to your primary email address to update this information. For detailed instructions on how to change the primary email address for your account, please see the following article:

If you experience issues with changing your account profile information, please contact HostGator support via phone or live chat support and we will be happy to assist you.