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BaseKit Embed Widget

As of June 19, 2013, BaseKit is not available on new Shared accounts; however, HostGator Website Builder is offered as a replacement.

One of the more unique and useful tools that BaseKit offers is the Embed widget. With this feature, you are easily able to insert a script or additional tools to your site, such as Google AdSense or your Facebook badge. Additionally, you are able to input third party Javascript widgets, including <iframe>.

Note: Pasting incorrect or broken scripts or coding into the Embed widget may damage your site. The widget was designed primarily for use with Javascript written specifically for third party sites. Such code normally begin and end with <script></script>

To embed a script on your BaseKit site:

  1. Log in to BaseKit
  2. Select Widgets from the left hand navigation menu
  3. Drag and drop the Embed widget onto your page

Configuration IconYou can configure the coding and the style (CSS) of the widget by clicking the Configuration icon , located on the left of the widget control panel. Alternatively, you can double click the widget to access the settings for your script.

Note: The use of third party scripts or applications that have improperly coded parameters or outdated syntax can cause your BaseKit to stop responding, or can cause your site to stop functioning completely, in which case we may need to reset your BaseKit account.

HostGator does not support third party scripting, nor do we provide any services regarding script development. It is strongly recommended that you contact a professional developer to ensure your script is valid. The use of scripts is at your own risk.