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AudioEye Provides Accessibility to Those With Impairments and Disabilities

Here at HostGator, we want to make our site accessible to all visitors and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. We continue to look for ways to deliver an optimized user experience that allows everyone to take control of how they explore and navigate our website in a way that suits their needs. With this in mind, we have added AudieoEye as a tool to assist those with impairments and disabilities when visiting our main site. Using this tool allows you the ability to customize your experience.

As with any tool, there are various features and settings you may opt to use when viewing our main site. This article discusses the available features of AudioEye. Please click the links below to see more  information.

Where to find AudioEye?

You'll now notice a new widget in the lower right-hand corner of our website. Click on this widget to access a plethora of settings and configurations to change how you view the website.

Accessibility Icon

AudioEye features and functionalities

There are many features and functionalities available in AudioEye that you'll find on our main site, which will improve your browsing experience.

Visual ToolKit

Here is the description of each functionality shown in the image above.

  1. Focus - Highlights currently focused elements by placing a box around them (tabs).
  2. Cursor - Increases your cursor's size to see better where it is located on the screen.
  3. Highlight - Adds a yellow background behind certain items on the page. By clicking on Highlight multiple times, you can select what items are highlighted on the page.
  4. Contrast - Click through the options of Hi-Con (or High-Contrast), Desaturate (makes it all grayscale), and Invert (flips the colors) to change the color on the page.
  5. Color-Shift - Inverts page colors to help with contrast.
  6. Animation - Helps you pause animations on the page so you can focus on the content.
  7. Text Size -Click through the options to increase the text size.
  8. Spacing - Adjusts letter spacing, word spacing, and line-height.
  9. Font - Click through 3 options to change the font types to aid readability.
  10. Guide - Creates a bar across the whole page to visually show where your mouse cursor is located. They may allow you to keep your pace and focus more on the content. 
  11. Window - Creates a box that spans across the page. Anything outside of the box appears to be darker, allowing you to focus on the content directly in the narrow box.
  12. Images - over an image to see the alternative text description for it.

Additional features

Show shortcuts (d)

The Show shortcuts feature displays the keyboard shortcuts for each Visual Toolkit icon. Make sure to enable this feature first within the Settings section.

AudioEye - Show shortcuts

Once checked, the Visual Toolkit icons will have their keyboard shortcuts displayed. You can activate each of these features by simply pressing the equivalent letters on your keyboard.

AudioEye - Enabled Shortcuts

Page structure

Navigate through the main site's landmarks, headings, and links through the Page structure section.

AudioEye - Page Structure

Like a search function, clicking on each landmark, heading, and link will help you find your way through the main site.

AudioEye - Page Structure details


Click on Settings (with the gear icon) located in the lower-left corner of the AudioEye dashboard to activate or deactivate your keyboard shortcuts.

AudioEye - Settings

Use the toggle to manage your keyboard shortcuts.

AudioEye - Keyboard Shortcuts toggle


Use the Help option in the lower-right corner of the AudioEye dashboard.

AudioEye - Help

Here you can access the AudioEye Help Desk, learn more about AudioEye and find more information about each AudioEye keyboard shortcut.

AudioEye - Help Details


Use the Reset button to turn off any AudioEye feature selected and set the main site to its default view. You can find the Reset button at the top-left corner of the AudioEye dashboard.

AudioEye Reset