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This content only applies to Gator Website Builder hosting plans which are accessible by going to app.gator.com.

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One of the fastest growing and exciting features of your HostGator accounts is the ability to use “add-ons” from the App Market. AppMarket is a marketplace for developers to create apps and for customers to find, install, and use add-ons with their SiteBuilder account. If you are familiar with “applications,” then you know they are designed to give additional features or functionalities to something such as a website, smartphone, or computer.

This article will cover:

  1. How to Access the App Market
  2. How to Add or Purchase Add-ons
  3. Managing Add-ons
  4. Billing Preferences 
  5. How to Get Help with an App

How to Access App Market:

  1. From the main dashboard of your HostGator account, you can access the App Market by selecting it from the left-hand menu, or by clicking the Site Actions tab next to the Edit Site button and selecting View Apps.
    select View Apps
    select View Apps
  2. Once you are on the Apps Home screen you will see:
    Once you are on the Apps Home screen you will see
    • Recommended: Either highly rated or widely used recommended add-ons. 
    • Marketing: For any add-ons that are Marketing related.

Purchasing an Addon

  1. Select one of the available apps to pull up its details and reviews card.
    Select one of the available apps
  2. Carefully read through the information given, including the billing details and support information. When you are ready, select the Get this App button to begin the process.
    select the Get this App</b> button

Once added, you will land back on your main account dashboard, and the Apps section will display the app you just purchased and it will automatically be activated. 

Managing all your Addons:

  1. If needed, you can manage your Apps Billing from the My Account section in the left-hand menu.
    My Account
  2. From here, navigate to the Services tab at the top.
    navigate to the Services tab
  3. Next scroll down to the Apps section to see the app you would like to manage.
    scroll down to the Apps section
    scroll down to the Apps sectio

Protip: Apps will launch in their own frame, a separate window, or some (like eCommerce Store) must be used from within your website editor. 


Billing Preferences:

Each app will have a different set of billing preferences than the next. In most cases, you'll see one or all of the following options:
  • Free: The app will be available to use for the life of its use.
  • Recurring Subscriptions: Monthly, Annual, Semi-annual, Bi-annual plans where available.
  • One-Time Fee: A single payment for lifetime use of the addon.
All payments are obtained and handled by HostGator in-relation-to add-ons. For issues relating to payments, cancellations or refunds, please reach out to us for assistance.

Getting Help With Add-ons:

When you think about an application, as the purchaser, it’s important to remember that these apps are managed by a team of professionals whose core focus is to update and maintain the functionality of that application. 

This means, in times of app malfunction or failure, the first avenue is to reach out to the creator (developer) to ensure they have resolved any internal issues. If you are still unable to solve the technical problems after reaching out to the developer or if they determine the problem is not on their end, feel free to reach out to our support channels.