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How To Analyze Database Size with phpMyAdmin

Providing information in a structure that everyone can understand is the main function of a database and keeping a database optimized is one way of reducing the database system response time. The size of your database plays a vital role in terms of optimization, including the type of data that was stored, how it was written and if indexing is used. The larger the database is, the more information is stored. Thus, it uses more resources, and response time could take longer.

To analyze your database size:

  1. Log in to the cPanel.
  2. Look for the Databases section, then click phpMyAdmin.

    cPanel - phpMyAdmin

  3. On the next page, select your database by clicking the + icon to expand and see its tables.

    phpMyAdmin - Select Database

  4. Once collapsed, all tables of that database will be displayed.

    phpMyAdmin - Tables in Database

  5. Scroll a little bit to the right to view the Size column.

    phpMyAdmin - Database - Table Size

  6. The phpMyAdmin shows the sizes of each table with the total size of all tables at the bottom page.

    phpMyAdmin - Database - Table Total Size