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Akismet Problems

There is a known issue with Akismet not being able to connect to HostGator servers to check for spam. Akismet users may see the following warning message upon logging into the WordPress admin area:

Akismet has detected a problem. A server or network problem is preventing Akismet from working correctly. Click here for more information about how to fix the problem.

This error is related to a bug with the diagnostic feature in the Akismet plugin which will report an error even though it is working correctly. Follow the steps below to fix this error:

  1. Click the link, Click here for more information, and you'll be presented with the following screen:
  2. Click the Check Network Status button.

The error will be cleared immediately.

Upgrade Akismet

WordPress versions 2.7 and higher can automatically upgrade the Akismet installation using the steps below:

  1. Log into the WordPress dashboard.
  2. on the left hand menu, click Plugins.
  3. Locate the Akismet plugin.
  4. If there is an Upgrade link available, click on it.

Your Akismet plugin version should then be upgraded. If you experience any issues upgrading Akismet, please refer to the plugin's developer page: