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Affiliate Coupon Codes

You can offer any of our coupon codes.

We automatically suggest the 20% off coupon to anyone who buys hosting. If you offer a different coupon code, the person you refer must enter the coupon code for themselves.

HostGator's public coupon codes are not linked to any affiliate account and can be used without forfeiting a commission.

How can I automatically use a coupon with my affiliate link?

You cannot make your affiliate link automatically apply a coupon code. The referred visitor must enter the coupon code while signing up.

However, you can create your own custom coupon code; and anyone who uses it will give you credit for the sale. Even if the visitor clicks someone else's affiliate link, if they use your coupon, then you will get the commission. Custom coupon codes must be over 10 characters long or they will not work.

Am I allowed to offer rebates?

No, you may not offer any rebates to your referrals.

Please email affiliates@hostgator.com for affiliate program questions and support.