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Adding Pickup Instructions and Location for Store Orders

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To ensure that your customers are able to efficiently pick up orders in the correct location you may decide to include special instructions for them when sending a notification when their order is ready. To add pick up specific instructions or an address different than your business address you will want to do the following:
  1. Begin within your Store home.
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  2. Click on Settings from the left navigation.
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  3. Scroll to the Pickup section and select Edit.
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  4. In this area, add any pickup information and instructions you would like your customers to follow. This could be anything from ‘Give us a call when you’re outside with your order number ready.’ to ‘Feel free to park in our designated area for pickup orders when you arrive.’ If your pickup location is at a different address than your business, you will use this area to additionally uncheck the box next to Pickup location is the same as the Business Address and enter the location that you would like your customers to go to.
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  5. Once you have completed these changes click Save at the bottom for these changes to go live for any new orders.
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