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Adding Multiple Click-to-Call Features - goMobi


You can include multiple phone numbers to your business on your mobile website. The process is simple.

To get started, you'll want to be on the Features tab in the goMobi mobile website builder.

  1. Click on the Call Us feature.
  2. Enter the phone number for your business in the add a number field.
    • If this is the primary number, check the box below the phone number field.
    • Your primary number will be shown in the header on the home page and in the footer.
  3. In the advanced options section, rename the feature (optional) to clarify which phone number your visitors will be calling.
  4. Click Add to Site to add this phone number to your mobile site.

If you wish to add additional numbers, simply repeat the above steps for each new number. You can add up to six phone numbers to your mobile website.