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Adding Links in the Express Editor

This content only applies to Gator Website Builder hosting plans which are accessible by going to app.gator.com.

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To Add a Link

  1. To begin, launch the site editor by choosing Edit Site from your account.
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  2. Select the Text, Image, or Button you would like to add the link to.
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  3. A menu bar will appear above the selected item.
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  4. Choose the Icon for Insert Link and a link-management window will open.
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  5. On the left side, you can choose the type of link you would like to add to the button or image. Pro Tip: Make sure to include the HTTP:// or HTTPS:// (You can also change whether or not the new page will load in the same tab or open a new tab.)
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  • Website Page: Click the drop-down menu and select an existing page from your website to link an Element to a page.
  • Web Address: You can paste in your URL to point people externally or to your shop site.
  • Email or Phone: You can also make links that have the effect of calling or opening up the user's Email client. Pro Tip: On mobile phones especially, linking your telephone number in this manner will allow people to automatically call you. Adding your email to the email section will also cause the user's email client to open so they can send you a message.
  • Document: You can also make a document link which essentially will cause the user to download whatever document you attach to the link.
  • Booking: Set up your booking tool in advance, then hook this button up and customers will be able to book when clicking on this link.
  • ​​​​​​No Link: To remove a link that is already saved to an Element, click on the link, click the Attach Link button, and select the No Link button in the popup.
  • Open In New Tab: This slider will open your link in a new tab. This can be beneficial, by making it easy to return to the original page. 
  1. Click Save to attach the link.
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  2. Be sure to Save and Publish your changes to make them live.
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