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How to Add Google Workspace


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Another insanely useful tool from Google is their Business Email Solution known as Google Workspace. With this add-on, you can escape the headaches of using free web-based email services and opt for an all-inclusive Business email; and what's even better, Google Workspace is more than just email! With cloud-based spreadsheets and document editing tools, you can quickly collaborate on projects with stakeholders or meet with clients in real-time over the Hangouts network.

There are many impressive features of Google Workspace you can review online. For now, continue reading to learn more about adding this feature to your account. Included in this article, we will discuss what you need to do to Get Started with Google Workspace, as well as where to go to access your Google Workspace accounts, costs, requirements, and troubleshooting.

Note: If you do not yet own a domain name, you will first need to purchase one to begin using Google Workspace. We recommend this option since you receive one (1) free year of domain registration with an upgraded account.

Signing up for Google Workspace: 

  1. Below you will find the steps to sign up for Google Workspace through Email or App Market Tab.
    1. Click the Email tab from the left-hand menu of your control panel once you’ve logged in to your HostGator account.
    2. Click on App Market from the left-hand menu, selecting the Get Google Workspace Email option.
      App Market
      Let's Get Started
  2.  Once you make your selection, you will land on the main details page, where you will be prompted to choose a domain name if you have more than one.
  3. Next, click Get Google Workspace Email to begin the checkout flow.
    Get Google Workspace Email
  4. Start making your purchase by following the checkout flow, selecting the Number of email accounts you need, and Choosing Your Term.
    follow checkout flow and selecting the number of Email Accounts that you need and Choosing Your Term
    Choose Term

    Note: The Total Yearly Cost of Subscription bills at $72/year. Since this is a third-party product, there may be a delay in your order process. Once setup is complete, your first account becomes the admin account. You can change this at any time from your admin console.


Accessing Your Google Email:

  1. To log into Google and access your email, click the Read Email button from the Manage Google Workspace details.
  2. You will then need to re-enter your Email Address and Password for your Google Workspace account that you just created.
    re-enter your Email Address and Password
The first time you access Google Workspace, you will be required to accept Google's Terms of Service. Only after Accepting can you use your new Google Workspace account freely.

We're Here To Help: 

If you have any difficulty setting up Google Workspace or using the Google tools, multiple support teams are happy to assist you.

Just make sure to contact the support team that can help you best.

Contact HostGator's Support Team For: 

  • All issues involving your website builder dashboard
  • Billing issues related to Google Workspace
  • Eligibility for Google Workspace tools
  • Signing up for Google Workspace
  • Adding or deleting users from your account

Contact Google's Support Team For:

  • Administrator privilege definitions
  • Administrator privilege changes
  • Creating a group
  • Migrate mail, contacts & calendars
  • Setting up Google Sync on mobile

If you're not sure who to contact or would like to cancel your Google Workspace account, feel free to reach out to our support team via phone or Live Chat.