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Adding/Deleting a Section - Express Editor


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Adding a Section

  1. To begin, start within any page in your intelligent website editor.
    WebsiteBuilder Editor Landing Page.
  2. On your pages between the sections and in the toolbar on the left, you will see a + symbol. Click on the + symbol between the sections or from the navigation on the left where you would like to add a new section.
    Click on the symbol to add new section
  3. You will now see an area open where you can choose the type of section you would like to add, as well as various layouts to pick from. 
    Sections and layouts
  4. Click on any of the options to add it as a new section. 
    Add new section
    Added new section

Deleting a Section

  1. When you are in the editor, begin by clicking on the section you would like to delete.
    Click on the section you want to delete
  2. Look to the upper right corner of the selection, and you will see three icons have appeared.
    Three icons will appear
  3. Click on the trashcan icon to delete the selected section.
    Click the trash can icon to delete