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Adding A Website Favicon

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This content only applies to those using GATOR Builder by HostGator.

In today's 21st century world, branding is everything! When you see a logo that you're familiar with, a sense of relationship occurs with the product, called brand recognition, which is especially useful with frequent repetition! So, why not give your logo some special treatment by adding it as a "Favicon" to your website?
A "Favicon," or "Favorite icon" ironically, is a type of file containing one (or in some cases more) small icons (typically around 50X50 Pixels) which are associated with a particular website or web pages. 

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Most browsers provide favicon support, which has the effect of displaying the favicon file you choose in the browser's address bar. Sometimes the favicon can view in the history as well as next to the page's name in a list of bookmarks. Browsers that support a tabbed document interface will show a page's favicon next to the page's title on the tab, and site-specific browsers use the favicon as a desktop icon.

Adding a Favicon to your Gator website:

Since most Favicons are minimal, you'll want to have a separate logo file made to be around 50 pixels by 50 and in one of these formats: PNG, GIF, or JPEG.

Below are some common Favicon examples:

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Once you have your favicon file, follow these steps to begin adding to your website:

  1. Begin within your website’s Drag and Drop editor.
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  2. From the left-hand menu, click the Manage gear icon at the bottom.
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  3. Next, choose Favicon.
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  4. From the new panel, upload a file from your computer by clicking Add Favicon.
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  5. Once the image is loaded, you should see a preview of it in the Favicon menu where you can Change or Delete.
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  6. When you are finished and satisfied with the addition, click back into your main design area to continue editing your site.
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