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Add and Edit Services within the Booking Tool

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This content only applies to those using Gator Website Builder.
  1. To add or delete a service begin within your Booking tool.
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  2. Select the Services tab at the top.
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  3. Click the Add service button to add a new service.
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  4. Within the panel that opens, you can add the Name of the service, the service’s Description, the Price, the Duration in minutes for how long it takes for the service to take place, and which Employees can be booked for the service.
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  5. Optional: At this point you can also add an Image, a service Category, if the service is Listed online, and Bookable Online.
  6. Click Save to add the service to your booking tool.
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  7. To edit any of your services, simply click the Service tile to reopen the service details.