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Add a Navigation Menu


This content only applies to Gator Website Builder hosting plans which are accessible by going to app.gator.com.

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Site Menus are important tools for organizing your pages and helping people to find the content they are looking for. Whether it is a full navigation bar or a "back-to-the-top" button at the bottom of a large text page, creating an easy-to-navigate website is essential to keeping people engaged with your content.

In this article, we will cover how to add a Site Navigation element or Menu, a Button Menu also referred to as a Hamburger Menu or Mobile Menu, a Sections Menus, and Back-to-Top/Bottom buttons.             

Adding Site Navigation:

  1. Begin within your drag and drop editor and from the navigation on the left, click the Elements tab.
    Click the Elements tab
  2. Search or scroll to the section for Site Navigation.
    scroll to the section for Site Navigation
  3. From the Site Navigation section, you will see 5 options you can add to the page.
    5 options you can add to the page
    • Menu: Standard Site navigation bar with page names.
    • Button Menu: A small, 3 lined navigation bar that lists page names when clicked.
    • Sections Menu: A large button-style navigation of the page sections.
    • Scroll Top/Bottom: Takes the user to the top/bottom of a page when clicked.
  4. To add a new menu, click the appropriate icon and place it where you want it on your page.
    click the appropriate icon and place it where you want it on your page
  5. When you have placed the element on the place, make sure to Save and Publish your site to make the changes go live.
    click the Publish or save buttons

Manage Pages:

To learn more about managing your Pages and creating drop-down options in your navigation, check out the articles Working With Pages and How to Create Drop-down Menus.