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Add a Domain or Domain Alias to G Suite

Your G Suite account will let you manage multiple domains for your business at no additional expense. Alternatively, you can add a domain as an alias of your primary domain, allowing you to send and receive email from multiple domains with minimal configuration.

To add a domain as either an additional domain or as a domain alias, follow the directions below:

  1. Login to your G Suite admin dashboard.
  2. At the bottom of your dashboard, click More Controls, then click Domains:

  3. On the next page click Add/remove domains:

  4. At the top left corner of the page click the ADD A DOMAIN OR A DOMAIN ALIAS button:

  5. In the popup, please enter the following options:

    1. Whether to add the domain as an alias or as a full domain.
    2. Enter the domain name you wish to add.
  6. Google will ask for your domain provider, please select Other from the drop down menu:

  7. Google will provide you with the information for creating a TXT record for your domain. You will need to add a record for your domain name with the text Google provides as the data at your DNS host.
    If your domain is hosted on a cPanel account, the following article will provide additional information on adding TXT records:
  8. After creating the TXT record you may click the Verify button to complete the process:

    Note: After creating a TXT record, there may be up to 8 hours of propagation before Google can successfully verify ownership of your domain. You can return to this screen at a later time to try again if your TXT record is still propagating.

You can manage domain with G Suite, or receive email at your existing accounts with the new domain if you added it as an alias.