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Accessing Virtuozzo Power Panel


To access the Virtuozzo Power Panel, go to the following URL:

Be sure to replace (SERVER_IP_HERE) with your server's IP address.

Log in with the user root (root is the Linux superuser), and the password sent to you in your welcome e-mail titled HostGator.com :: Your Account Info.

In the Welcome email, you will need to locate this information:
Power Panel (VZ):  https://SERVER_IP_ADDRESS:4643/vz/cp
Your Domain:  you.yourdomain.com
Your Username:  root
Your Password:  h68cflflngh7
Your site's IP address: 192.x.x.x

If you need your welcome email, resent or have additional questions, reach out to us via phone or Live Chat, and we'll be happy to assist you!