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Accessing Virtuozzo Power Panel

Please note: The steps below are only for legacy VPS accounts that have Virtuozzo installed on them. New VPS hosting accounts purchased after April 13, 2021, will use WHM or SSH to access them.

To access the Virtuozzo Power Panel, go to the following URL:

Be sure to replace (SERVER_IP_HERE) with your server's IP address.

Log in with the user root (root is the Linux superuser), and the password sent to you in your welcome email titled HostGator.com :: Your Account Info.

In the Welcome email, you will need to locate this information:
Power Panel (VZ):  https://SERVER_IP_ADDRESS:4643/vz/cp
Your Domain:  you.yourdomain.com
Your Username:  root
Your Password:  h68cflflngh7
Your site's IP address: 192.x.x.x

If you need your welcome email, resent or have additional questions, reach out to us via phone or Live Chat, and we'll be happy to assist you!