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About Apache

OH SNAP! This article has been deprecated.

Please check out the article HostGator Software and Program Versions to learn more about the software HostGator offers.

Apache is the Linux-based program on HostGator's web servers used to view web pages. As an open-source software, this program makes it easy for users to adapt their servers to meet their specific needs by creating an infrastructure that supports many scripting languages, modules, and various add-ons.


The maximum number of Apache connections that will be processed simultaneously varies by hosting account.

Shared and Reseller

HostGator's Shared and Reseller hosting accounts have a maximum of 1024 Apache connections.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

Our VPS and Dedicated Server hosting accounts have a default maximum of 150 Apache connections; however, MaxClients can be adjusted by the root user in the /usr/local/apache/conf/includes/pre_main_global.conf file for cPanel servers via SSH.

For more information about Apache and the MaxClients directive, please see the official Apache documentation: