550 Error

One of the most common errors to come across in web hosting is a 550 error. This error can have many reasons as to why it is shown. However, the error itself always indicates one thing: that there is a mail relay error.

Mail bounces from sender to recipient allowing several places where an error can occur should a relay point be out and have an error message generated. Although there can be a variety of messages generated, HostGator has listed some of the most common messages to accompany a 550 error.

550 No Such User Here

There are other reasns as to why you see this error:

  • The MX records are not properly pointing to your servers. To configure your MX records, please use this guide: How to Set Up Your MX (Mail Exchange) Record
  • Email routing is not properly configured. For instructions on how to set up your email routing through your cPanel, visit this link.
  • The email address may be misspelled, incomplete, or may not exist. Make sure you type in the correct and complete email address.
  • The permissions on your mail directory may be incorrectly configured. Please contact us via phone or Live Chat so we can assist you with this.
550 External MTAa's Must Be Authenticated in Order To Send Emails

Outlook needs the Outgoing Server Requires Authentication option enabled.

550 Sender Verify Failed

The error message, 550 Sender Verify Failed, usually appears when:

  • The MX records are not properly configured or not pointing to the correct servers. Please visit this article to assist you in configuring your MX records: How to Set Up Your MX (Mail Exchange) Record
  • The email address you are using does not exist in your cPanel. Go to your cPanel’s Email Accounts section and check if you have added the complete email address you were trying to send emails from.
  • This error may also pop up when a user is sending from an unauthenticated script. (The server sees an incoming email from user@server.hostname but the user is using a FROM: address in that email of an actual email account (e.g. no-reply@user.domain) and that address does not exist.)
If you get these or other 550 errors, it is best to contact us via phone or Live Chat for assistance.