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3rd Party Scripts, Common Problems

Some common problems with third party scripts and possible solutions are detailed below. Please keep in mind that HostGator agents are not trained in third party script support, therefore we may not be able to resolve certain issues related to custom coding and scripting errors. In any case, we will gladly take a look and offer as much help as possible.

Database Connection Error

The most common problem with third party scripts is a database connection error. Make sure that you have created the database and the user and have assigned the user to the database. In addition, you will need to make sure your script uses the same settings in your configuration file. Usually  this file is named config.php or settings.php and located within the same directory as the script.

For more information on connecting to your MySQL database, please refer to the following article:

System Requirements

Other warning errors may result from not following system requirements of the script. Please check our list of supported programs for the script you are trying to use. If the script is not on the list, please contact HostGator support for assistance.