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Free SSL with 3rd Party Domains

This content only applies to Gator Website Builder hosting plans which are accessible by going to app.gator.com.

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If you already have a 3rd Party Domain name linked to your account, no worries, you might need to update the DNS at your current registrar to take advantage of the Free SSL with Gator. You also have the option of transferring your domain name to your account with us so that you can manage your DNS locally.

This article will explain what information you will need to update at your current registrar so that your website will begin to display with "HTTPS," as well as how to transfer your domain to us. If you need to point your domain name to your Gator account, the process for doing so is relatively simple and can be viewed here:
 How To Link A Domain

Finding Your New DNS @ Record:

  1. Begin by logging in to your main account dashboard.
    Main Account Dashboard
  2. Select Domains from the left-hand menu.
    Select Domains
  3. On the new page you’ll see three areas:
    • Add a new Domain: Register a new Local domain name.
    • Connect a current domain: Link a new 3rd Party Domain.
    • My Domains: To manage Local and Linked 3rd Party Domains.
  4. Scroll down to the My Domains section and click the domain you need to update.
    Scroll down to My Domains sections
  5. A new page will appear with your domain details and options. Locate steps 3 & 4 which will contain the information you will need to take to your Domain Registrar to update your @ (or A ) Record.
    Update A Records
  6. Next, once you’ve updated your record with your current domain host, allow 24 to 48 hours for the records to begin resolving.
  7. Important: Once you have updated your DNS at your Registrar, you will need to click VERIFY DOMAIN within your Gator account for your free SSL to be activated.
    Verify Domain
  8. Once Verified, you'll want to allow 24-48 hours for your SSL to go live.

Alternate Option: Transfer to Gator 

Transferring your domain away from: