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Do you know how to get a dedicated IP address for your website? Due to the global shortage of IPv4 addresses, we are now required to request justification for dedicated IP addresses. Please be aware, at this time, the only acceptable justification for a dedicated IP address we can accept is for use with a validated (Not self-signed) SSL certificate. You cannot just buy dedicated IP addresses, they have to be approved first. You will need to provide a copy of the certificate(s) which will be installed, however, we do not need to install the certificate for you unless requested. Third party SSL installations can be requested at

Dedicated IP servers are set up with 2 IPs. If your plan offers more than 2 IPs, the additional IPs are only added upon request by creating a ticket to our billing department.

If you require an SSL certificate, you may submit one of the following forms to request this. A dedicated IP address will be assigned during the SSL certificate installation process.

Dedicated IP address cost: Domain Validated SSL Certificate ($50/year, includes installation):

Company Validated Instant SSL Certificate ($150 per year, includes $10,000 warranty & Trust logo):

Get a dedicated IP address today by filling out the form below. Once approved, HostGator will help you get started with your new dedicated IP hosting plan.

Dedicated IP Address Form: