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WEBINAR: Set Up Your Sales Tracking for a Stress-Free 2017

This Facebook Live occurred on January 25th, 2017. Thanks to everyone who joined us!

Here are the links we promised and additional resources to help you get started on a stress-free sales tracking solution!

Original post below:

Think back on your most recent sale and ask yourself the following questions…

  1. How did it go?
  2. Which channels did you use?
  3. Which ones performed best? Which performed worst?
  4. What do you need to replicate next time?
  5. What should you not do again?

It’s easy enough to answer the first question.

If you aren’t able to answer the rest, or you find yourself just answering from your gut, that’s a sign that you need to be using sales tracking. 

Fortunately, we’ve got an upcoming webinar designed to help you do just that. Drawing on our own experiences at HostGator from managing the sales tracking for our weeklong 2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, we’ll share how to easily and systematically identify your marketing channels and track which sales come from which channels.

How does this knowledge help you?

Join us Wednesday, January 25th at noon Central on Facebook Live for a FREE webinar. You’ll leave feeling energized, motivated, and excited for better sales performance. We promise.

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Discover the simple solution to sales tracking. Join us Wednesday, January 25th at noon Central for a FREE webinar hosted on Facebook Live. We’ll reveal how we manage our sales tracking at HostGator, and provide you with free plug-and-play resources so you can do the same. See you there!