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Clever Ways to Network and Drive Traffic to Your Website

It’s a simple formula:

The more website traffic your business has, the more likely you are to make a sale.

Here are some bonus tips that will keep ‘em coming.


1. Gamify the user experience with a poll or survey.

Invite people at a networking event or readers of your blog to take a quick poll or survey. Some platforms like InstantSurvey will enable you to automatically send participants directly back to your website upon completion of the survey. Share your survey on social media. Include it in an email newsletter. Just be sure that all roads point back to your website.


SurveyMonkey defaults to sending all of its survey participants back to (smart), but this is your business, not theirs! Luckily you can configure your own destination URL under advanced settings in the Collect Responses section. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for extra traffic.


2. Use content marketing to shout out to influencers.

If you have a good handle on who your audience is then you can strategically begin to create content surrounding the people they follow. Reach out to these influencers to let them know you’ve highlighted their work and they’ll often share your posts resulting in big website engagement gains.

Here’s an example from a recent blog post at MySocialSuite called 9 Twitter Influencers to Follow and Learn From. There are mentions of long-time power pros like Tim Ferriss and even Kim Kardashian, but the the target of this piece was BrokeAssStuart whose pic is up front and personal. After the MySocialSuite team published their post, they tagged BrokeAssStuart in a tweet. He immediately responded…


He later even reached out directly to the author of the of the post, with a marriage proposal!


Here’s a guy with over 60K social media followers tweeting about a blog post published by a social media automation startup. This is the kind of organic engagement (and fun banter) that highlights the best of what social media marketing has to offer. Everyone gets more site traffic: the influencer, the company, and the writer — who may have also gotten a spouse as a bonus.


3. Don’t forget the obvious!

Remember that without your basics covered, influencer reach, text marketing and the like, will go to waste. Consider getting each of these website marketing ducks in a row before doing anything else:

What method works best for driving traffic back to your site? Let us know in the comments!